PRESS RELEASE - 01/04/2014

The long awaited next version of the Catznip Viewer™ for Second Life™, Catznip R9 will ship with it's own built in peer to peer crypto-currency, CATZCOIN™.

CATZNIP R9 users will be able to mine CATZCOIN while logged in without impacting viewer performance. The longer they use Second Life with Catznip the more CATZCOIN they will generate. CATZCOINS will be trade-able for L$, US$, Dogecoin, BitCoin and directly for virtual goods in Second Life via the CATZAPI™.

A Revolutionary Digital Currency for your Digital Second Life.

Earning and spending CATZCOIN in Second Life will reinvigorate in world commerce, helping customers to be more active and involved. Hot spots allow store owners to boost traffic by offering CATZCOIN mining surges while preventing campers thanks to our patent pending CATZNAP™ anti AFK wizardry. CATZCOIN means real anonymous people earning and spending in world.

  • CATZNAP™ anti AFK wizardry enures the most active SL users mine the most!
  • FREE Achievements and CATZCOIN hats in Second Life for major milestones!
  • CATZEYES™ for easy CATZCOIN block inspection!
  • Firestorm integration with our CATZCLAWS™ P2P protocols.
  • CATZCOIN surges for members of the CATZPURR™ mentor and live help programs!
  • The really awesome CATZCOIN logo. So awesome you want it on a mug.
  • No chance of being bought out by facebook. Ever.


Nothing says hurry up and release Catznip R9 than some real life CATZCOIN CATZMERCH. This is totally real, so real it will hold real drinks like coffee and actual coffee. Remember, Coffee equals progress!

It is important to note that Kitty doesn't like coffee and wont drink it, but that's ok because I'm the one sat up making this page when I should be asleep and that's entirely thanks to coffee. So more coffee for me and I'm sure we will be able to release Catznip R9 sooner. Maybe we can buy Kitty some cakes or a bottle of rum. Kitty likes rum.


Second Life and Linden Lab are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. CATZCOIN was brought to you by Catznip, the letters C, Z and the number 13.